Years of Activity

Our Vision

Becoming one of the leading exporters of dried fruits, saffron and herbal medicines in the world, that the constant  …

Our Mission

The export of the company is based on the needs of customers in order to obtain customer satisfaction, self-sufficiency and …
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Our Values

Wais Sodais Company believes that customer satisfaction starts with providing quality products: products that are in …
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About Us


Wais Sodais company was established with a team of young and experienced entrepreneurs in the field of cultivation, production, processing, packaging and export of agricultural products in 2009 in Herat province, Afghanistan. This company is active in the production, processing, packaging and supply of all kinds of dry fruits, grains, saffron and quality and organic medicinal plants in Afghanistan. This company offers its ….

Company Values


Wais Sodais Company believes that customer satisfaction begins with providing quality products: products that provide convenience for customers in terms of quality, packaging, and transportation. Honesty and trust is an inseparable part and one of the basic values of Wais Sodais Company.

Key values of the company

  • Consolidation of national unity and development of mutual understanding;
  • Being responsible and responsive to the legitimate expectations of customers;
  • respect for freedom of thought and Speeches.
  • Sound and effective management and leadership;
  • supply of high-quality products;

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Why Wais Sodais!


The answer is surprisingly simple: they believe that Wais Sodais offers the best product with the highest quality and at the most competitive prices.